Employee Benefits

The business challenges faced by employers today are many. The Affordable Care Act is one more challenge that many employers are not totally prepared to deal with. Whether it’s mandates for individual coverage, rate increases caused by changes to insurance carrier rating models or benefit changes as a result of the new Minimum Essential Health Benefits attributed to the Affordable Care Act, employers are being forced to examine their Employee Benefit plans to ensure they are compliant with these new regulations. Since we understand Your World our role in this process is critical, as we understand the new law and provide the recommendations so employers can fulfill their commitments to their employees.

Kaercher offers the solutions to help you navigate the complexity of the Affordable Care Act.

In addition, we have the knowledge, experience and resources to help guide employers through the myriad of Employee Benefit and Human Resource uncertainty that has developed as a result of the many changes attributed to new legislation directed at employers.

Plan design options, alternative funding arrangements, COBRA administration, FMLA administration, benefit management plans, payroll services and human resources are all services that are inextricably linked for the employer to manage.

Kaercher brings these services together to simplify the process and manage the coordination of all involved.

The professional team at Kaercher have years of experience in analyzing, developing, recommending and implementing Employee Benefit plans that meet and exceed the financial objectives of the company while still offering comprehensive benefit alternatives to all employees. We are a part of your team and this consultative approach enables us to evaluate the overall need and success of these programs while making solid business recommendations. Our Clients, whether large or small, enjoy the advantages of being represented by Employee Benefit specialists that know their business so that you can focus on yours.

Our areas of expertise include:

    • Medical & Dental
    • Individual Life & Disability
    • Voluntary Benefits
    • Group Benefits
    • 401(K) Plans
    • Contributions & Plan Strategy
    • Self-funded Plans
    • Consumer Driven Plans
    • Employee Communications
    • COBRA and HIPPA Adminsitration
    • HR and Payroll Services

With vast experience in both fully insured and self-funded medical plans as well as ancillary benefits such as life insurance, disability insurance and voluntary plans, we offer our clients a full spectrum of insurance programs. In fact, our service ethic is so important; it’s the cornerstone of everything we do. Our staff has over 100 collective years of benefit experience and is dedicated to client service.

Human Resource Services

Our clients overall success is very important to us and we provide the insurance coverage’s necessary to protect the business and the employees.

Providing our clients with resources is also a part of our service and one of those areas regularly discussed is Human Resources. We have formed a strategic partnership with a leading national Human Resources consulting firm to provide our clients with a host of services that include:

    • Handbook and Policy Review
    • Wage and Hour Assistance
    • Workplace Conflict Resolution
    • Lawsuit Avoidance
    • HR Infrastructure and Strategy
    • Training for all staff including HR certification

The company can offer many other services to our clients on an as-needed basis and provide the complete back room support for your HR department.

Let Kaercher assist you in providing up to date Workers Comp analysis with our Cost Containment Programs; Feasibility Study and Loss Analysis and Cash flow and Self Insured options.